Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Shall Call It "Pink Champagne"

When it comes to nail polish, I generally steer toward the demure and conservative.  In fact, the "craziest" color I have is bright red.  You can be sure that you will not find me sporting turquoise or green apple on my fingertips, and I have never had acrylic nails.  I do, however, like to play around with layering different colors and creating new looks.
First, I would like to share my method for a lasting manicure.  I have found that on average, I can make my nail color last at least five days (which is a long time for me!)

Start by applying a thin layer of nail color to clean, dry nails.  When that dries, apply a top coat - I like Hard As Nails by Sally Hansen.  And when that coat is completely dry, follow it up with a thin layer of same nail color.

I find that this method works for even the darkest of colors, and the thin layers dry faster.

Recently, when I was at the store a bottle of gold polish jumped out at me and I HAD to have it!  But when I applied it, I realized that I didn't like the way the gold looked on me.  So, I created a beautiful pearly "Pink Champagne" look by brushing an iridescent transparent hue over it.  I think it's rather gorgeous if I do say so myself!
To achieve this subtle look, I used Glitzerland by O.P.I. and layered Pearl of Wisdom by O.P.I over the top.
Even in their bottles, these colors look pretty together.  {blissful sigh}

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